INSIDE OUT is a powerhouse of faith filled Gospel Blues from Bryn Haworth, whose heart for prisoners everywhere has brought forth this faith filled collection of his most popular songs new and old.   Wise, scriptural, worshipful and faith-building; a collection where expectant faith touches both earth and heaven; and a set full of top-notch playing, this is a delight virtually from beginning to end. 

Cross Rhythms Magazine October 2010

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“…..You don’t have to be incarcerated to enjoy this highly accessible set, ……Smoulderingly strong, it is how worship music should be: grounded in real experience, written with real words, played with impeccable musicianship..”

Derek Walker in Premier Christianty Magazine Sept 2014




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These CDs are free for prison chapel use.   If you are a prison chaplain, or work inside prisons and would like to make them available to prisoners please email us