The Music in Ministry Trust was started in 1989 to support Christian outreach through the work of Bryn Haworth.    Since 1991 the Trust has been working primarily inside prisons across the UK  bringing the Gospel through music and testimony, fellowship and prayer to the lives of many of the most vulnerable in our society.    

The work has also included running music workshops and song writing seminars inside  prisons, providing CD’s, music equipment and songbooks to prisoners via the prison chaplaincy departments

Despite many discouragements due to lack of resources over recent years, chaplaincy departments grow in strength usually aided by volunteers and voluntary organisations,  and we take every opportunity we can to support this work that God is doing, by taking services, doing outreach concerts, supplying songbooks, CDs, musical instruments, Bibles and books to build up the church behind bars.


We have 2 CDs made for prisoners:

Inside Out” and ‘Time Out’ are FREE! for prisoners.

 Prison chaplains and those working inside prisons can contact us to request free copies of the CD from: Music In Ministry Trust, PO Box 264 Epsom, KT18 5YE or email


For those outside of prison the CDs are available to buy from Bryn Haworth Music Pages


UPCOMING PRISON CONCERTS/SERVICES: In HMPPs Wandsworth, Send,  Coldingley, Wayland, Thorn Cross, High Down, Stafford, Bure  and Winchester Prisons amongst others.



We can also provide CDs, Christian songbooks, Bibles and books for prison chapel libraries, as well as music equipment for worship bands

Taking morning worship services and doing outreach concerts inside prisons

New guitars for prison chapel worship bands.


Where the situation allows we are able to supply guitars and music equipment for chapel worship services.



some of our work includes:


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in Prisons

We also support the work of Prison Fellowship UK, and if you are interested in prison visiting please contact them at


Volunteers are needed now!


‘I was in prison and you visited me’

Matthew 25v33

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